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Fritz & Peter let you explore and experience the magnificent German town of Potsdam and the amazing Russia. What distinguishes Fritz & Peter from other travel agencies is the unique character of our personally tailored offers. Enthusiastic globetrotters, experienced travel organizers and tour guides, we accompany you - on request - on your entire trip.


Alternatively we can provide you with the components of your journey – with the elements you need to make yourself autonomous and independent on the way. We go travelling with you wherever your feet may take you. No matter if you are an individualist or a member of a small group, if classmates or couples, both near and far, no matter if you prefer canapés or sandwiches.

Your Potsdam Experience


Fishing village, garrison town, royal residence, socialist city and boomtown. Situated on an island, surrounded by lakes, Potsdam - the state capital of Brandenburg - is known far beyond the borders. At this place the Prussian rulers have set up their refuge, a cultural landscape was established here that is unparalleled.


However, in Potsdam time has not stood still.  Universities and research institutions bring life to the city, and the site of Babelsberg film studios produces international bestsellers in series.

Individual Potsdam City Tours

Potsdam combines the world heritage of palaces and gardens with lively urban culture. Diving deeply into Potsdam's history - that will succeed with our city tours. Our city guides help you immerse yourself in the baroque splendor of Sanssouci and show you where Potsdam is most energetic. We cross the Glienicke Bridge - the Bridge of Spies - known from Steven Spielberg's film and John Le Carré's novel.


Let us lead you through the streets of the city, listen to the stories behind the beautiful facades and discover what makes Potsdam unique.

Your Weekend in Potsdam

Would you like to experience a romantic weekend or a short break between palaces, royal parks and historic ensembles of Potsdam? We book your apartment, hotel or hostel, get you tickets for classical or jazz concerts, varietés or cultural events. All getaways can be planned in close consultation with you. If you wish, individual city tours through the cultural landscape of Potsdam are included.

Your Russia Adventure

The large country, located on two continents, has remained unknown to most Europeans. With us, you can gain your own impression of Russia. For more than ten years, we have guided dozens of groups to Russia, whether walking through Saint Petersburg and Moscow or going by train up to the Lake Baikal.


We would be happy to also organize your trip. Some suggestions and ideas can be found here. If you have not found what you are looking for, let's talk about it!

Individual Holidays in Saint Petersburg - Russia's Window to Europe

There is something about Saint Petersburg that gets under your skin. The city will capture you: the thrilling history, the baroque colours and the unique light. The Hermitage, the famous Amber Room, the “White Nights” - a visitor to St. Petersburg will not get over his amazement. We offer you the opportunity to explore the former Russian capital on the Neva.

With the Trans-Siberian Railway

to Lake Baikal

This tour will lead you deep into unlimited Siberia with the Trans-Siberian Railway. The destination is the majestic Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake on earth with its unique vegetation and wildlife.

Your Team

Rainer Müller, born in 1972

Graduate Geographer, Tourist Guide

Robert Leichsenring, born in 1981

Master of Slavic Studies, Tourist Guide

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About Fritz & Peter


The Prussian King Frederick II. (locally called 'Fritz') and the Russian Tsar Peter - both known as 'the Great' - have influenced and shaped their countries fundamentally. Their significant influence is felt to this very day.


Both characters combined different, seemingly contradictory properties: frequently unscrupulous, against others and themselves, with military ambition in the European power structure – however also equipped with a sense of the fine arts, both independent and without question cosmopolitan in spirit. Frederick collected the world’s architecture and philosophy in his “Brandenburg Sandbox”, Peter traveled Europe and had the best architects of his time build the new capital at the mouth of the Newa. The Prussian King insisted on outlining the designs for his residence, Peter - quite Tsar und Carpenter - even personally lent a hand. We make you follow the traces of those two eminent figures and, en route, discover the tracks of other historical characters.